Wordy Wednesday: What’s your Resolve?

I recently came across this image and it’s corresponding blog (and here’s an enlarged version of the image… and while you’re there, check out the coffee!!) and realized that here we are, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2012, 3 months away from January 1… do you even remember what your “Resolutions” were? […]

Worldess Wednesday: Christmas Edition

You knew I couldn’t resist… and after all the seriousness and heartfelt sharing of the last entry, I had to lighten things up… With helpers… And gathering around the tree… Whether you celebrate by singing modern carols… Or you prefer the more traditional songs… Watching Christmas specials on TV… Or just hanging around the cozy […]

Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Gifts of Holidays Future

This is just a quickie-ish drive by post to share some thoughts that have been niggling around my brain lately… Here we are… a week out from Hanukkah, a couple of days from Christmas and a week from the start of a new calendar year and a new decade. (ok, technically 2011 is the start […]

Word-ish Wednesday: Thanksgiving Edition

Tomorrow, we here in the colonies celebrate the end to the tyranny and oppression from the evil Brits, the manifest destiny that allowed us to take over a land uninhabited by anyone (except the natives that lived here)… ::hears whisper:: what? Huh. Really? Ok, my bad… Tomorrow, we here in the lovely U S of […]

Wordless Wednesday – Wordy edition

I know I’ve abstained lately from my usual musings on Wednesdays in lieu of sharing amusing, inspiring or through provoking images. A picture is, after all, worth a 1,000 words. Thing is, there has been a lot going through my brain since yesterday, although it really started about a year-ish ago. That’s when I decided […]