Dinosaur shake with a side of bug juice, please…

Pardon me while I wax a bit soap box-ish for a bit. Today’s rant is brought to you by the business section of the news paper. You see, I was perusing this article when this little snippet caught my eye: “You can’t even escape petroleum products with a cool fast-food milkshake, which probably has a […]

Playing the “What If” game…

Here’s my horroscope for today: Libra – 5/22/10 (from Tarot.com) “You are on edge today because it feels as if a storm is on the horizon, yet you are unable to see it. Preparation is complicated by your inability to tell where the trouble is coming from and when it will arrive. Instead of spending […]

Thoughts for Thursday: Body Image (or Rock it!)

First off, I fear a monster has been created… or at least the beginnings of one. When I sent out the call for help with my shopping aversion, I had no idea what would transpire after that! Not only did I receive a huge out outpouring of love, sympathy and good sense advice, it also […]

I hate it when Jillian’s right.

Ok, those of you who have been around me for any amount of time know that I have a love, not-so-loving relationship with Jillian Michaels. I’m getting over it. I’m working on being open to hearing other ways of talking about things. I’m learning to be more teachable and open to reproach (something that is […]