Playing the “What If” game…

Here’s my horroscope for today: Libra – 5/22/10 (from “You are on edge today because it feels as if a storm is on the horizon, yet you are unable to see it. Preparation is complicated by your inability to tell where the trouble is coming from and when it will arrive. Instead of spending […]

Happy post Turkey/Stuffing/Potato/Pie Day!

Since I missed it yesterday, mainly because I was choosing to stay off the computer as much as possible, I want to wish everyone a wonderful, albeit belated, Thanksgiving and continuation of the holiday season. I also want to thank each and everyone of you who’s eyes fall on these words – regardless if you’ve […]

Wordy Wednesday: Exposed Edition

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. – Walsch I’m cranky today. Yep… not going to be little Miss Ray of Sunshine today. It’s aaaalll crankies all the time. Part of it is due to letting the little things get me down, part of it is not getting in a good dose of […]