Cleaning House

No, this isn’t about me checking out French Maid costumes for halloween… Yesterday was my birthday – I celebrated the 13th anniversary of my 30th year. 🙂 I’m not sharing this tidbit for attention seeking purposes (though you /know/ I’m more than happy to get well wishes to extend my b-day celebration for as long […]

Monday Motivation: It’s all a mindset

Came across these two little gems on teh ebil facebooks this morning and figured the theme of the day had already established itself. Very timely for me as I’m feeling more controlled by my circumstances and dissatisfaction than I should be. These are just good reminders that it’s all a mindset, it’s all how you […]

Wordy Wednesday: What’s your Resolve?

I recently came across this image and it’s corresponding blog (and here’s an enlarged version of the image… and while you’re there, check out the coffee!!) and realized that here we are, at the beginning of the 2nd quarter of 2012, 3 months away from January 1… do you even remember what your “Resolutions” were? […]

Monday Musing: And so it begins…

You ever notice how you make a decision to make a change in your life, you make the plan, you feel the love and excitement for what’s to come… Then you then start to feel the bulls eye shaped tattoo appear on your forhead and/or back. It’s like every where you turn something pops up […]

Playing the “What If” game…

Here’s my horroscope for today: Libra – 5/22/10 (from “You are on edge today because it feels as if a storm is on the horizon, yet you are unable to see it. Preparation is complicated by your inability to tell where the trouble is coming from and when it will arrive. Instead of spending […]

Routines, Slippage, Treats and other randomness

Yeah, that’s how my brain has been operating for the better part of this week, especially today! There’s been a lot that’s been rattling around by brain and what is the bestest way to release it?! A blog of course! The biggest thing is I feel like I’ve been slipping. I joined Tom Venuto’s 50 […]