It’s all about the pain. . . the quotable version

This morning at the gym I was reminded of a shirt my Awesome Hubby wears on occasion. The first time I saw it, I chuckled because of the truth of it. He usually manages to wear it at a time when I’m in the throws of serious muscle soreness (which, if anyone’s done CrossFit style […]

Fly By: Universal Truths

Sometimes life goes along all nice and relatively easy… lessons may come my way but they barely make a blip on my general radar screen. Other times it’s one. thing. after. another. I mean, I was gonna do an April Fools post about deciding to ditch this eating right and exercising stuff in favor of […]

2Fer Tuesday Blogging… Act your age!

I just had to share this article because it’s so flippin’ awesome and inspiring. On the theme of looking ahead, having just celebrated the big 4-Oh, this totally made me all giddy to all the things I have to look forward to, because I’m enjoying the heck out of them NOW! “How you are as […]

Another Drive By Blog… Looking ahead

Guess what?! There’s 23 whole days left between now and December 31st! Whoo hoo! How many are excited to meet each of those days with enthusiasm and work yourself a little harder to end the year on a high note? ::Crickets chirping:: Ooookaaayy… how many are brushing pie & cookie crumbs from thanksgiving off the […]

I feel like Michael Phelps

There’s this story about Michael Phelps that I never really *got* till today. Basically, the swimming Adonis that he is, totally smoked (ooh, bad choice of words, LOL!!) his competition, broke records right and left, won 8 frackin’ gold medals, etc… at the end of one of his more spectacular races, he tore off his […]