How I spent My Holiday Vacation

Oh sure… I had grand plans of sharing a post of all the things I’ve learned this past few months. There was going to be some great insights, fun references, and much in the way of reflecting.

But that’s not happening. At least not today.

Because the photo above is a pretty accurate representation of how I spent my holiday. Yeah, we got lots of sh*t done around the house and finished a pretty huge project that entailed going through 90% of our stuff, discarding a LOT of items… like 3+ car loads worth to GoodWill, and several other items to good friends of ours..

Marie Kondo would have been proud.

I also had an extraordinary amount of time off during the holidays. Which was awesome and amazing… and also awful.

You see, I get really twitchy when I’m off more than 3 days in a row. There’s something weird in my wiring, but with 5 days off in a row over Christmas, I was about ready to climb the walls. Yeah, we had projects to keep us busy, and plans, and blah blah blah.  But I’m a creature of habit and too many days away from my usual routine and I’m one grumpy monkey.

But lets go back to that picture, shall we?

3 key elements: The Chromebook, The Puppeh (that’s Winchester), and The Heating Pad.

They have been my constant companions these past many mornings. If I can’t sleep or am up early, most likely my back is also twitchy. That means I’m on the couch, with The Heating Pad, and the Winchester is usually there to keep me company. If I’m not doing my journaling, I’m maybe banging out a few words on the Chromebook or otherwise occupying myself with… something.

I like to forget that I’m a spoonie. I like to forget that I have a few chronic illnesses that make days a little more challenging. But the reality is: most days I wake up in pain. Not near the level of some folks, but enough for me to have difficulty moving, standing up straight. Little things.

I’ve learned to live with my limits, and forget that I need to rein things in even more at times like this.

I want to end the passing of another 365 days with a bang, but some years, it ends as a whimper.

This year, for example.

Right now the hubby (also a spoonie with severe Fibromyalgia) is snoozing on the couch. Not a happy, content snooze. Rather, it’s a snooze that he should have gone back to bed a few hours after he got up, but didn’t. A snooze that his pain level jumped from a 4 to an 8 by 9 am and he had to chase the pain and didn’t catch up.

Both of us are feeling the effects of the weird high pressure cold front that moved in a few hours ago, and have put us both on the couch.

I would love to say we’re still going out and going to bring in the New Year with a bang.

We aren’t.

We may not even enjoy our New Year’s Dinner until tomorrow. And I certainly am not going to have an awesome amazing post for you until sometime in the next few days.


That’s the joy of being a Spoonie. You get to re-learn your limits every day (sometimes several times a day), and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Every day is an opportunity to reflect. Every day is a chance to evaluate.

The body and pain level doesn’t abide by the turning of the calendar, and I shouldn’t need to, either.

So, my dear readers: Be well. Be Safe. Be happy.

See you on the flip side.

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