Hitting The Wall

Had to share a bit of my ‘journey’: I hit a wall recently. And I hit it hard. I even mostly saw it coming and brazenly thought, “not this time wall, I see you and I’m gonna avoid you completely so neeeaahhh!”

Did you know that walls can move? And they laugh. It’s an evil laugh, too.

Short story: A few Saturday’s ago was our agency Christmas party that required a 4 hour round trip drive in silly traffic, to slightly mingle with people I don’t know for 2 hours. But we came, we schmoozed with the big bossman, ate his food, and were otherwise seen, which was the point.

I’d been down this road before and purposefully didn’t plan a lot for Sunday.

But that about flattened both the hubby and I. And I had sh*t to do!

I plannernated for the morning, putzed and did what I could for the day, and prevented the house from getting set on fire (note to self: Do NOT let the hubby cook dinner when he is crashing worse than me.) I call it a win.

Why am I sharing this? Because, again, I need to serve as a warning to others 😉 and a reminder:

Day’s like this einforces and proves, time and time again, that something is better than nothing. And doing something, not ALL the things, is just fine. And doing it now, is MUCH better than later.

Wanted to share this post – because ya’ll know I have much purple love for the FlyLady. She started me on the path of decluttering and doing it now and all the things… but thinking that Ms Dana White is my long lost soul sistah stalker because she totally wrote about my life!


Takeaway points:

“For those who live with chronic illness, though, adjusting expectations is often a matter of grieving. You pictured your life/home being a certain way, and had no idea that chronic pain or exhaustion or sickness would be your reality.

“Accepting your new, unwanted normal is hard.”


“Don’t Leave Anything to Do Later

“When energy is fleeting and unpredictable, the “take it there now” principle upon which so many of my decluttering strategies hinge is key. It’s everything, really.

“I make more progress, real progress, visible and sustainable progress . . . when I eliminate halfway points. When I avoid procrastination stations.”

🤔 I may have read that somewhere. 😀

Point of all this is: always remember it’s ok to take your time and go at 1/15th speed because you’re still going.

🦄 on!

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