Same Stuff, Different Day

Same Stuff, Different Day

There’s times when I am amazed at how far I’ve come in my journey. I see habits that have developed to establish a lifestyle that supports a leaner, healthier, happier, active mind and body. I’ve learned so much along the way and grown in ways I couldn’t have ever imagined.

Then there’s times when I’m dumbfounded by how far I still have to go… almost like I haven’t moved from the starting gate at all.

Case in point… earlier this week I was re-re-reintroduced to a web site/blog that, every time I visit it, I think, “They’ve so got it going on!” I don’t agree 100% with all their views, but they’ve done enough background work and research, that I can respect them, agreeing to disagree.

Part of their site is a challenge to jump in with both feet to change, not only the way you eat for 30 days, and in their hopes, you’ll change the way you live your life for the better. They’ve updated it a few times, honing, expanding, and expounding on some of the finer points, but it’s remained the same at the core.

Where I diverge from them is 1) I’m really starting to detest the whole “Paleo” label because, like too many ‘named Diets’, people get wrapped up in the details (and a lot of times get wrapped up in the Better-Than-You-ness of those details) while missing the spirit of things, which is to figure out what’s best for YOUR body and makes YOU healthy, and 2) I don’t agree with Cordain who deems dairy & saturated fat of the debil. Whatevs…

After re-re-relooking at the site, the plan, the philosophy, and talking with a friend of mine about it, we decided… we’re in! I’ve stepped up to the line but never completely crossed over.

Anywho, why I’m sharing this is for a couple of reasons, and none of them really have to do with food – I’m always hesitant to share information about what *I* eat because not only are food choices SO personal, and as I reference back to my “H” word post, what’s good and happy for me (the meatetarian ;), isn’t so good or happy for others.

No… the reason for sharing is purely mental: As in *I* feel mental about it! LOL! I’d just read an article recently about how people never really know the effectiveness of a program – any program, be it fitness, nutrition, financial, business, whatever – if you don’t completely comply with it 100%. So many times people read the “rules” and say, “Ok… that’s all well and good BUT I don’t like/won’t do X, and Y,” then wonder why they’re not getting the results they want. Or someone makes a valid suggestion and it’s dismissed completely out of turn without even being considered.

Or worse, you decide you’re all in, you’re excited, and ready to take on the ‘challenge’… then after a few days the compromises/negotiations happen… which is where I’m at.

Seems like my inner braaaa…er… princesses, Stevie & Veruca, were on vacation until a couple days after I decided to jump in to this challenge.

Me: “Tralala… no grain, sugar, dairy for the next few weeks… that’s ok. Need to give the body a break anyway and will be interesting to see how I feel afterwards.”

Them (dropping their bags at the door): “WHAT?! What do you mean no sugar or dairy!??!”

Me: “Welcome back! Missed you girls!”

Stevie: “Whatev! Start talking about this craziness about taking away my cheese!”

Veruca: “And my chocolate!”

Stevie: “Yeah! And the honey and cocoa in our coffee!”

Me: “OK! Calm down, let’s talk…”

Them taking turns ganging up on me: “I mean it’s not like we have /thaaat/ much of any of those things! Oooh, but we can still have butter, right!?! Cuz that’s butter, not dairy. And since we’re starting on Monday we better get all the goodies we can right now and and and… “

Me: “Enough! No Mardi Gras talk!!!”

Them: …

Me: “Thank you! Here’s the thing – this is an experiment! It’s short term to see how we feel and weren’t you just saying we’d like the size 6 jeans to fit a little less snug?”

Stevie (quietly): “yeah.”

Me: “And weren’t you saying you wish we’d just pick something and stick with it?”

Veruca (pouting): “yes”

Me: “So, this is a way to see if it really does make us feel a lot better… and we’ll figure ways around…”

Veruca: “But there’s cookies in the freezer!!! what about those?!”

Me: “they’ll still be there at the end… and hopefully we’ll be in a smaller jean size and feel tons better!”

So the negotiations continued for a while till a truce was achieved. All parties agreed to give 100% to this change… because the potential pay off is pretty cool.

And that’s really the crux of it – why we resist, why we negotiate, why we only do half hearted efforts: change.

It’s all about change, or rather resisting change. Change is uncomfortable. And change usually means we have to say “no” to something. Change means we have to let go of something.

But here’s the other side of that coin: When you let go of something (usually a bad habit), or say “No” (to something that’s not good for you in the first place) it opens up the door for something bigger and better. Saying “no” to the fancy-schamancy latte can add up to a down payment for a new car. Giving up a few minutes sleep to go to the gym could mean a better doctor visit and maybe a smaller pair of pants. One small change builds on another and another until you suddenly realize you’re not the same person who started, that you’re actually achieving those goals instead of bemoaning another unresolved resolution.

So instead of grieving the potential loss, why not get excited about the potential gain? If you’re like me, you’ll get even more than you bargained for in bigger and better ways than imagined… though you’ll still have your Inner Princesses/Princes to remind you of how things “used to be”.

So what are you still holding on to? (I’ll give you a hint… it’s that thing that you respond, “I would /never/ do that!” 😉 What are you ready to let go of for something better?

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