Friday Fly-by… Plan B

Yesterday, like every day, I had a Plan A. Some days my Plan A is vague and general, but lately the Plan A has been a bit more specific. The day to day Plan A falls in line with the goals I have for the week, and the month, and the quarter, etc. You get the idea.

So yesterday… my Plan A was destined to be a low carb/no grain day. No big, same as the day before, food was pre-planned accordingly. Then, before the sun even though of peeking over the horizion, Plan A was pushed out my 2nd floor bedroom window… rather uncerimoniously and thoughtlessly, I may add.

And I was happy to do it.

Why am I not gripped with guilt and shame?

Because Plan A turned to Plan B because of one lovely moment that would have been missed otherwise…

You see, my Awesome Hubby (henceforth referred to as AH… Cute, no? 😉 is working in town this week. When he’s working here, it’s not the best of situations since I’m asleep when he gets home from work, he’s asleep when I get up and he’s gone before I get home.

Sorta stinks, actually… but I digress.

Yesterday, though, he woke up with a coughing fit – love the dry AZ winters! He went downstairs so he didn’t wake me and while he was calming his cough, the coffee pot started brewing it’s happy dark elixr.

::romantic lightbulb moment::

He prepared a tray with coffee, coffee cake and some other snacks to wake me up with so we could sit and spend some quiet time that we hadn’t been able to have in a few weeks.

My first reaction: OMG someone’s breaking in or something’s very wrong! (what?! I was sound asleep when I heard much rustling around me! What was I supposed to think?)

Second reaction: My AH is up, why is my AH up?!

Third reaction: YAY Coffee and… cake?! But… is low carb day! Eh, I’ve got the rest of the day to have Plan B be pretty darn close to Plan A, this is special me & AH time.

I /could/ have pitched a fit… I mean, didn’t he /know/ what my Plan A was?! Seriously! How did he not pick up on my thoughts and unspoken/unwritten plans?!

Yeah, what does that accomplish aside from hurt feelings, guilt, and a reactionary bad mood? Not to mention it greatly reduces the chances for such a rare, but sweet gesture to ever happen again.

I /could/ have figured that, if I couldn’t do Plan A, I wouldn’t do a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g so there. ::arms crossed, tongue stuck up and flop on the floor with a *neyh*::

Again, doesn’t really accomplish much (see above).

No… The transition from Plan A to Plan B went super smooth, with hardly a bump felt in the greater scheme of things.

Thing is, the food and the Plan… just things. Things that can be modified, things that can make life easy or difficult if you choose, but things just the same.

The moment and the experience with the AH… that’s precious, and fleeting, and meant to be savored.

Times like this that make me gaze in wonder at myself: Who the heck am I? LOL!!

No, I’m not ‘perfect’. No, I’m not better-than-you. I’m just working on continually being better-than-me-yesterday.

“If you must compare yourself to someone, compare yourself to yourself yesterday.” ~ Unknown

Sometimes you can recover Plan A with a Plan B… sometimes ya have to go all the way to Plan ZZ. And that’s ok… maybe next time you’ll stop at Plan ZY, and eventually you’ll work your way up just Plan A.

How about you? Is it Plan A or nothing? Do you have Plans A – ZZZZZ? Ever gotten a happy breakfast in bed surprise?

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