Train Nekkid!

***Please Note!!! Before you rush to hide the kids eyes and/or clickity click the “inappropriate” button thinking I’m going to talk about some sort of sax-ay, naughty type stuff, keep one _very_ important thing in mind: My parents read this blog. So, seriously, do you think I’m gonna talk about that kind of stuff? No… this is a family show, we keep it low-ish key and mostly mundane.

Sorry to disappoint. ;)***

Ok, now that the disclaimer is out of the way, back to the task at hand.

Training nekkid…

Cuz I just like saying it. 🙂

I know I’ve been extra quiet lately, and have been in a “Hanging on the vine” mode, as the lovely Joyce Myers puts it. Sometimes ya gotta just step back and take time to heal, process, mend, and listen.

I have been healing and mending, and during that time, I’m learning to listen. Thing is, when you take that time to find a bit of stillness, you learn that the Universe is talking up a storm.

There have been lots of lessons and messages that have come my way lately, and one of them is about distractions. Holy Macaroni are there distractions galore these days! Heck, with my spiffy new phones (which is still smarter than I am, darnitall) I find myself jumping at the first hint of a vibration to see “Is it a text?! Is it a voice mail?! Is it an email?! New photo? Updates for the way too many apps?!”

One of the hubby’s co-workers has a new hand implant, also know as a CrackBerry… ::whispers:: Huh? Oh, sorry… my bad… I guess they’re really called BlackBerry. Whatever.

Either way, distractions are everywhere, they always have been and always will be, and now they’re even more accessible than ever. I don’t know how many times I’ve been driving on city streets to see a DVD playing in the back seat of a vehicle for not so little ones… and they live in town!

So what does all of this have to do with gettin’ nekkid?! I’m getting there… and it all started with reading one of Carla’s always insightful blogs.

She discusses the use (or not) and love (or not) of the fitness gadgets.

I myself am a HUGE fan of the gadgets! LUBS me my iPod and my heart rate monitor! The numbers, the tunes, the feedback, the podcasts, the fun, the shiny! When its just me and the road or the weights, it’s like I have my own personal trainer on my wrist and soundtrack on my arm. I can turn on, tune in and drop out with the best Tim Leary fan around… (and yes, I’m old enough to know who that is, but young enough to have missed most of his influence. If you don’t know who it is… go ask your parents. 😉

But the problem is, I’ve felt like I’ve been tuned out for a while lately… a little too connected to the wrong things. I remember a moment of panic a while back when I got to the gym and realized I’d forgotten my gadgets! What ever would I do?! How would I manage? I seriously considered not going ahead with my planned workout because it involved pretty close time checking. I decided that I was there and would make the best of it, and ya know what? The world _didn’t_ end! *gasp* I know! And *gasp again* it was kind of nice.

Then there was a morning I decided to just do a walk around the neighborhood rather than an intensive training day… and half way through I realized that I, again, was technologically nekkid! What ever was I to do, how would I mana…. er, wait… I already /was/ doing and managing fine… Hmmm… I could get used to this.

With the last couple of months being focused on mememememe – my health, my well being, my mind and heart getting back to where they need to be – most training has taken a back seat to my vine hanging time. If a work out happens, it’s incidental, purposefully done, and purposefully unplugged. I need to take the time to listen – to my body and the world around me on a physical and spiritual plane. My walks may not be done as quickly this way, but I actually get to stop and see the bunnies, listen to the quails, annoy the $#!%ing pigeons, and pet a few neighborhood kittens that cross my path.

Ironically, this morning I got Mark’s weekly newsletter that not only touched on this very topic (told ya… the Universe speaks volumes), and it had some startling and insightful info about what all the distractions are doing to our brains (hello T-ADD, the latest and greatest development of the technology distractions)

I know that I will never completely walk away from my happy gadgets because they totally have their place for different purposes – training, progress, feedback, necessary distractions, etc. Like the scale, they are great tools, but they aren’t necessary to just do, and just be.

I’m learning to be more comfortable going nekkid once in a while…

How about you? Do you ever train nekkid?

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