March Madness!

So, first off, a BIIIIG shout out to my Canadian Peeps!!! Congrats on getting the most Gold Medals of all the Olympics, and for the Gold in Women’s Hockey and the Gold & Silver in Men’s hockey (I know the folks who won the silver were wearing USA uniforms, but really, we all know they were Canadian 😉

Secondly, how the heck did it get to be March 1st?!?! Seriously, it was /just/ February 1st! I was fired up! I was focused! I… well, I didn’t fail… though I didn’t do all that great either.

Here’s my Feburary ‘report card’:

-Tightening up my eating by weighing and measuring my food to ensure I’m getting appropriate amounts of carbs, fat & protein

*I did track my food several times during Feb., which is more than I had done in quite a while. I give myself a C for Consistency.

– Eating a wide variety of raw and cooked veggies, limiting my grains, and enjoying lean protein.

*Got that covered! While this past weekend was seriously lacking in green stuff, I felt very good about my eating. Grade: B+

– Doing 5 workout sessions a week – 4 crossfit workouts + 1 walk/run session to prepare myself for my upcoming 5K

*Yeah, not so much. Dealing with stress and sinus issues kept me, for the most part, at 4 workouts a week. Grade: B for keeping the minimum.

– Allow myself to 1 adult beverage a week (2 for the hubby’s b-day dinner) While I enjoy sharing a beverage with my hubby, more than this is counter productive to achieving my short term goals.

*::blush:: see the note above. Stress, tired, and a whole lotta “Meh, whatever” lead to at least 2 on the weekends… the upside is I did keep it to the weekends. Grade: C

– Allow myself 1-2 desserts a week

*FAIL! LOL! Sometimes the sugary, carby goodness win. Grade: D

– I maximize my fat burning potential by creating an efficent calorie deficit though exercise and controled food portions.

*I actually did pretty well with this one. My eating (despite the dessert/beverage blips) still has me at a decent but not overly agressive calorie deficit. Grade: B+

– I continue to work through, and remove limiting beliefs that keep popping up and blocking my success.

*Be careful what you wish for! There were a lot of things that popped up this month and things are still lingering. I did well at identifying the issues, and am spending some brain power each day working through them. Grade: A

-At the end of the month, I am excited to see the scale reflect 5 pounds of pure fat gone from my body forever

*This one I can’t answer since I refuse to step on the scale until next weekend. Again, stress, AF, and lingering limiting beliefs aren’t condusive to seeing the scale as a tool rather than the enemy right now.

Overall grade: B/B+

That leaves me looking forward to March and the goals that will bring me to the end of my first 12 week cycle of 2010!

Workouts: This is where the fun stuff happens (hence the March Madness theme. LOL!)

1) My big goal is to complete all the “Girl” workouts from the CrossFit site.

I was initially going to do them in order but figured, with several pull-up heavy workouts, it was an equation for overtraining… so I’ll be mixing them up so that I only have 2 workouts with pull-ups each week, 4 total.

2) Adding in _3_ training runs to get in shape for my upcoming 5K.
Before anyone (including myself) freaks out about the increase in volume the up side is that most of the Cross Fit workouts are short and sweet, as are the initial 5K training runs. I had my first “group” run on Saturday and had a blast. They handed out their suggested training plans and was instantly in love – 3 sessions a week (including the Saturday one) and they start out at 15 min. the first week, 20 the next, and doesn’t go over 30 minutes. Now THAT I can handle.

Nutrition – keep on keeping on:

3) I continue to enjoy a wide variety of fruits and veggies, lean protein and healthy fats. Grains are enjoyed in moderation.

4) I enjoy up to 1 adult beverage each week. Reaching my weight and fitness goal is important to me and alcohol hinders my progress towards those goals.

5) I enjoy 1-2 desserts a week. I choose the quality and quantity of these items wisely and based on special occassions, not on emotions.

Mental stuff

6) Continue to identify and work through limiting beliefs that emerge as part of this process.

I am looking forward to my fitness level increasing, and seeing the scale reflect the weight of 140 pounds and my measurements reflecting a drop of at least 2% of body fat.

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