A Bittersweet Victory

Today I had one of those moments that made me do a happy dance and caused me to be a little sad at the same time.

I had to change the weight on my Heart Rate Monitor.

I have one that calculates your calories burned, which means it needs info like my weight. It’s something I change every 5 pounds or so, and for the longest time it’s been set to 150.

I realized today that I’m now a lot closer to 145 than I am to 150 and that ROCKS!!

But it stinks because it means I have to work harder to burn the the same amount of calories I did at 150. And the fact that my fitness level continues to improve, and my body becomes more efficient, I also need to bump up the intensity to get the same benefits.

So Yeah… awesomeness! With a tinge of “aw man!”

And yes, I realize there’s people reading this that want to throw things at me right now. You too will soon have this fun problem! I have faith! 🙂

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