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It was hard to get out of bed this morning… a 4 day weekend of fun, frivolity and indulgence…

Nothin’ like a serious sweat inducing workout to slap you back to reality and let you know how easy it is to lose some well earned ground. At least I know it’s only temporary.

I’m not talking about any sort of scale movement – although that’s temporary as well.

I’m talking about the less tangible, but no less real things like endurance, determination, enthusiasm, focus, and general well being.

For instance, it’s still amazing to me how one to two ‘off’ meals can leave me feeling lethargic, out of sorts, or even just as hungry as before the meal. For me, “off” eating is not getting enough of each macro nutrient to balance a meal… like all protein but little to no carbohydrates (veggie _or_ starch types). Or, horror of horrors, all carbs (especially grains) and no protein. (Like the waffles I made for breakfast on Sunday… with pie for dessert!) That’s a fun ride! (for about 15 minutes. 😉

Multiply that by 2 or 3 days and I’m left to pick up the pieces.

The nice thing is that 1) in the grand scheme of things _my_ version of “indulgence” really isn’t. Yes, there was more of everything over the weekend, and more of stuff I don’t normally have all at once. But it wasn’t an evil downward spiral. It was more like a gradual stroll down a hill… and 2) I know how to climb that hill again to get me back on my path.

The interesting part is how winded I get climbing the hill again.

The even more interesting part is how few people were climbing it with me.

As I said, it was hard to get up this morning. It was the first truly cold night – it was a rainy, windy 38 last night! I got buried under a kitty pile and snuggly hubby… it was warm and toasty and I soooo didn’t want to head out into the cold, dark world to get to the gym. I also was dreading the parking situation once I got there… I mean /surely/ there would be a TON of people who ate WAAAAAYYY too much and wanted to work it off. Right?


The only time I’ve seen the gym parking lot as empty as it was this morning was… well… hardly ever. Usually, by 6am on Monday, there are about 30+ cars there. This morning there were about 10… including mine.

I was even more surprised to see the number of ‘regulars’ that /weren’t/ there. But the few of us that were there totally rocked our workouts! No distractions, no interruptions! I loved not having to fight for equipment or weights!

Granted, I struggled through the workout itself, but felt like a million bucks at the end!

I realize that folks may still be traveling, or be caught in the grips of the icky plague that i keep hearing about…

For me, it wasn’t really an option to skip my workout this morning. I did my scheduled workouts Thursday & Friday, why would today be any different than any other Monday?

I personally, am dedicated to finishing out 2009 with the best body and health possible.

It doesn’t matter where I started, it matters that I keep going and where I finish.

I’m going to make December, 2009, the best month ever!

Are you?!

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