Happy post Turkey/Stuffing/Potato/Pie Day!

Since I missed it yesterday, mainly because I was choosing to stay off the computer as much as possible, I want to wish everyone a wonderful, albeit belated, Thanksgiving and continuation of the holiday season. I also want to thank each and everyone of you who’s eyes fall on these words – regardless if you’ve […]

Word-ish Wednesday: Thanksgiving Edition

Tomorrow, we here in the colonies celebrate the end to the tyranny and oppression from the evil Brits, the manifest destiny that allowed us to take over a land uninhabited by anyone (except the natives that lived here)… ::hears whisper:: what? Huh. Really? Ok, my bad… Tomorrow, we here in the lovely U S of […]

See… I don’t make this stuff up!

I just wanted to share a newsletter that I found in my inbox this morning from Rachel Cosgrove (wife to the most awesome Alwyn Cosgrove). It made me giggle, mainly because I could have written it… or rather did write it in it’s parts, a few times. 😉 Anywho, just to share a different perspective […]

Reflections on a Feeding Frenzy

We had our annual Thanksgiving pot luck at work today and I have to say the donations this year were probably the best one we’ve had since I’ve been here. Usually the ‘luck’ really isn’t… one year we had the potato feast – 6 people brought mashed potatoes, and a couple brought scalloped potatoes (and […]

Wordy Wednesday: Exposed Edition

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. – Walsch I’m cranky today. Yep… not going to be little Miss Ray of Sunshine today. It’s aaaalll crankies all the time. Part of it is due to letting the little things get me down, part of it is not getting in a good dose of […]