Thoughts for Thursday Bonus: I Dare YOU!

I just got this from the very empowering Dax Moy… I had to share it, and to dare YOU to believe it… even just for a moment: “You’re amazing . How dare you waste that?? You’ve got the power to make amazing contributionsto the world, to create amazing works of art, to literallyreshape the way […]

Thoughts for Thursday: Continuing with the positive self talk

I was just reading a story from Mike Kramer, Staff Writer at Spark People. He posts some amazingly inspiring, motivating articles, and most aren’t about health, fitness or weight loss. They focus on the strength, beauty and power of the human spirit. This article in particular brought me to tears. It’s about the struggles of […]

Make EVERY week positive self talk week!

Oh wait… it’s really “End Fat Talk” week…but I like my title better. 😉 Here’s a bit more on it, in case you’re wondering what it’s all about. What is “fat talk”?! It’s those times when you focus on your flaws (Ugh, my thighs are HUGE!), or dismiss a complement about your looks (Thanks… but […]