The final chapter…

in the “Evolution of A Dress” at least.

As I was going through the pile of stuff we had accumulated to donate to Goodwill, I came across The Dress.


I made this dress with my own hands, picked out the fabric, cut and sewed it lovingly – though I’m sure there were a few, um, ‘choice’ words said as happens during involved projects like this.

I wanted something to wear to my friend Alaina’s wedding that was as beautiful and as special as she was. I didn’t want to outshine the bride in any way, just to present myself in the best way possible, and I achieved that goal… even though I had to squish myself into it (It was a toasty day in July in California, and an outdoor wedding to boot… luckily the reception was inside.)

That became my ‘go to wedding’ dress and I loved it!

April w-Norm.JPG

So when I came across The Dress today (and honestly, I thought it had already been passed forward) I had a moment of doubt of adding it to the box with the items for donation. I thought of keeping it to show off my craftsmanship, and also to show where I started and how far I’d come.

Instead, I decided that it had served its purpose well, and it was time for it to move on, but not before one last commemorative photo to close that chapter on it’s illustrious career.

Sept 09.JPG

Now it is sitting in my car, waiting to be taken to the donation drop off and then to be ‘discovered’ to begin it’s new journey. Perhaps they will document its evolution in their life as well.

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