Thanks that make you go grrr… and YAY.

I don’t know if y’all know this about me or not (if you’ve read my SparkPage you probably saw it) but I have hypothyroidism – an under active thyroid that makes life interesting in so many ways. Oh yeah, and I have chronic fatigue and adrenal fatigue… and when the thyroid was way out of […]

Twas the summer of our discon.. eh… whatever.

Nothing like AF’s timely arrival and wicked monsoon heat/humidity/high pressure systems to sap all the creative life out of ya and compound normal, everyday stressy factors to new and exciting levels making a me a bit more on edge than usual. Hence why I’ve been a bit quiet-I’ll call it ‘introspective’- this week. And the […]

Goals, silliness and Summer Lovin…

happened so fast…. Shoo-be-doShoo-be-doShoo-be-doShoo-be-do Nothin like a John & Olivia duet to make ya wanna start skipping and singing… and draw weird looks in the weight area of the gym. It’s ok, I just know they’re mad jealous that they don’t have cool music on /their/ iPods! LOL! But really, the song reminded me of […]