It was one year ago today…

That I got to say “I do” to the man I love.

I took a lot of work to pull it off (note to future brides: Wedding Planner/coordinator. Pay the money to have someone else do the “day of” craa… er.. stuff. Seriously!) but I couldn’t have asked for a better day. Being surrounded by the close friends & family was a fantastic way to start our married life adventure.

The reception was beautiful and the food was great (from what I was told – you never eat at your own party, don’t ya know?! 🙂 and we were lucky enough to have time the next day to host a brunch for visiting friends & family so we could actually have time to chat with the folks who traveled so far to see us.

The honeymoon was a welcome vacation for us and I think we slept and spent more time in the pool than exploring the island but did get a little bit of sight seeing in.

After that, thought, is when I *truly* met the man of my dreams. Yes, the man who courted me, that I fell in love with was wonderful and treated me like a queen. If he hadn’t, we wouldn’t have had a super fancy date a year ago today. LOL!!!

But really, it wasn’t until the “I do’s” had been said, rings had been exchanged, and the whole deal was sealed with a kiss that the man of my dreams showed up.

It was as if that moment, that wonderful ritual of declaring our love and intention to all the world, allowed a part of us that was locked up tight to be released. That part was the “real” us, the “best” us, that was finally allowed to see the light of day – to grow, mingle and flourish.

Over this past year, I have learned more about myself than in the past decade and I owe that to my wonderful husband. And I have seem grow into an even more amazing, driven, dedicated man than I thought possible (and I could see a lot in him to begin with.)

My only regret is that about 100 miles separate us at the moment – and ironically he’s going to see my cousin, who sang at our wedding, perform tonight – but we got to celebrate last weekend and he’ll be home tonight.

What will the next 365 days hold for us?

I know I for one am prepared to be amazed.

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