Happiness is… A good PR agent!

Looks like the High Fructose Corn Syrup PR folks have a new client: Trans Fat! ::throws confetti:: I saw the commercial for Smart Balance, saying how they have the lowest amount of transfat… /only/ .07 g/serving, which means it’s healthy, right?! Combine that with a nice glass of HFCS (in moderation of course) and a […]

Thinking about fixing to get ready to get started

In my Mary Kay days, I was soooo excited about my business! I could spend HOURS thinking about all the great things I would do with all the money I would make, and the great team I was going to build and how far I would go and and and… you get the idea. Know […]

Word of the day Wednesday: Tolerance

I love drama! Ok, wait… I like to see/read the whole dramatic changes that people go through when they make the decision to turn their lives around, be it losing weight, getting out of debt, cleaning the heck out of their house, totally changing careers, etc. It’s powerful, uplifting stuff… till you come across something […]

Complements and Choices…

I’ve commented in the past that I am searching for the ‘perfect’ snappy comeback for the times when people hit me with the inevitable “You’ve lost weight!” statement. It bugs me when people comment on it because there’s so much more that’s gone on for me beyond the physical weight – the emotional and attitude […]