January Goals

No, this isn’t me going back on my word…. this is me preparing for the next 4-ish weeks ahead of me. I’ve realized I have lost a bit of focus the last couple of months. I am totally loving working with my trainer, but it threw off my routine and my plan. Part of what happened is I overestimated my energy reserves and didn’t consciously scale back my cardio accordingly. I tried to stick with my previous plan and got frustrated when I couldn’t keep it up.

So for January, I am accounting for it and will rebuild my endurance over the course of the next quarter.

Without further adieu…

January Goal/Plan:
– 3 interval workouts per week
– 1 45-minute cardio session to increase speed/endurance
– 3 strength training workouts per week

Weekly goals:
1. Lose 1.5 pounds of body fat/0.5% body fat a week.
2. Increase lean body mass by .25 pounds a week

Daily plan
– Track food intake
– Consume 40% Carbs/30% Protein/30% Fat (this is my experiment to see what macronutrient ratios work best for me.)

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