Requirement for Success?


I’m LadyRose and I watch “The Biggest Loser”.

Yes I know it can set unrealistic expectations, but I really watch it for the personal, and most importantly, the _emotional_ transformations.

Cuz, as y’all know, I’m ALL about the Emo!

Back to the BL… Last season was teetering on being ‘meh’ for me… but even the contestants I didn’t really like showed promise – they had moments of personal growth over and above the game play, and the working hard to lose as much weight as possible for the purpose of picking off the other team. Last season we saw a division between Bob & Jillian begin to be drawn: Bob is Zen, but really all business. Jillian is the hard a$$ drill sergeant who will pummel you in the ground and then give you a teddy bear and a big hug. Bob’s team walks it out, Jillian’s team talks it out.

This season it’s even more obvious, and has had me wondering why I watch it all. Aside from the fact that the show is edited to highlight the differences, I’d commented on one of my groups that it seems like Bob’s team is only in it to win the game, and has made no efforts at personal or emotional growth.

The little bit I saw last night confirmed it – Vicki admitted she hasn’t fixed what ever it was that caused her to gain all the weight to begin with. She was focused on the Game going on around her, not the game going on between her ears.

Now back to me: I had an awesome conversation with a friend last night and one of the things we talked about was how the soul searching, the writing/talking it out is part of the process… but it’s so hard for some people to do that.

It got me to thinking (like I do)… is it /really/ part of the process? Is that really going to be one of the few things that will ensure success in reaching a goal? Does it really matter if you take the time to do the soul searching, or if you just go by the numbers?

In the case of the Vicki – will she win then gain it back because she has nothing to drive her? IMO, the game is the motivation, beating the cr@p out of the opposition is more important than anything else. But then what? Big whoop – you got confetti, now what’s going to keep you moving forward?

Many times people say they want to lose weight so they like the person they see in the mirror. So they go through the motions, through all the proper physical steps to lose weight, and look in the mirror at the end and say, “oh, you’re still there.”

When you’ve stripped away all the excess, when you’ve sculpted the physical form that you want, what’s left? A smokin’ hot shell, or a solid foundation, and deep, meaningful substance helping to fill out those musckles?!

Well, I guess it’s a matter of what’s important to you. For me, I want the latter, and that means the emotional processing is just as important as the physical.

For me, my requirement for success is the whole package: Body, mind and soul.

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