Testy Tuesday

Well, it is if you wake up /convinced/ it’s Friday… only to realize that it is only Tuesday. *sigh* Pretty much set the tone for my day, and has left me in a slightly wiggy mood.

Had a great dinner last night and really good night’s sleep, so that’s helped a lot overall, and after the work out this morning, I feel like I’m the washed up rockstar in my 2nd, maybe 3rd week of rehab. Guess that’s improvement?! ROFL! 😛 It was rough going, though – my heart rate monitor kept getting ‘stuck’ on one rate even though the treadmill was registering a lot higher, my headphone cord kept getting in the way, the ipod kept flopping around, and I kept feeling a random hair brushing against my leg (finally got it after about 20 minutes.) But again, I pushed through it and had a pretty darn decent sweat going by the end. 🙂 And then came the weights – stoopid other gym members wanting to use the same machines I wanted to use. grrr. But finished my exercises and looked at the clock to exclaim, “Crap!” Yeah, way late.

So then I get to work finally, only to see my boss man get rushed out to go to the ER. He fell off his horse & broke 2 ribs over the holiday weekend and the silly man came back to work this week. Noble and all, but he was hurting alot yesterday, and even more today. So we’re waiting to hear a status report from him. Eeks.

After a frustrating morning, I decide to top it all off with a trip to the bank to get my name changed there. Apparently it’s easier to be from outer space and get info in the system than it is for someone to simply change their name on record. Gah. If I wasn’t so hungry and cranky at the time it would have been funny, but come on! Asking me _5_ times why I’m changing my name, and at least 2 of those times your HOLDING my marriage license, then ask what my husband’s name is while looking at his bank account AND the license, doesn’t instill me with the greatest confidence. ::flop::

Ok, this is me breathing and getting back to work… and resisting the urge to go get ice cream… or beer. mmm.. beeeerrrr…. 😛

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