Frustrating Friday

It’s Friday. And it’s Payday. Normally either of those things are great, and when combined, make me do the Happy Happy Joy Joy dance. For today… notsomuch. The Hubby (squee!) is at the airport on his way to Spokane, and really not ready for him to leave, especially after the spat we had last night. He got into an accident on the way out of town (he’s fine, car is mostly fine – will need a bit of repair but nothing serious) which has left me feeling a bit wiggy in general worrying about him and, of course, any possible financial issues that can arise from it.

Today’s been ADHD day, too – can’t focus, can’t seem to get any sort of work done, having to redo things 2-3 times, and most everyone is annoying me. Makes for a special fun kind of day.

And I’m feeling the toll of my ‘easy does it’ week. I figure I can push myself for 3 weeks, then when the low energy mid-girlie cycle comes around (luckily it coincided with the holiday and the Hubby being home) I will either take it easy that week or take it off. Well, this week was pretty much off. I went walking on Wednesday morning – felt fabu! But that was it. Not that it’s overly acceptable, but not stressing about it. I’m feeling a bit fluffy and very much looking forward to either a bike ride or walk tomorrow because I have a feeling I’ll be sitting for a good long while at the DMV. (Took the plunge on Tuesday and got my name changed with the Social Security folks, now I have to do my car stuffs. Whee. 1 document down 34 to go. ::grumble:: Good thing he’s cute. 😉 It’s weird that I miss not exercising, and that my body gets grumpy with me when it’s not moving or doing something. cool, but weird. 😛

But the way upside is that made arrangements with a friend of mine who we’re ‘hiring’ to do the housecleaning stuffs! She comes over next Saturday which gives me the week to clean before she cleans. No, I’m not going to be one of ‘those’ people who do a deep clean before the maid gets there. But it’s helping give me a timeline for the decluttering efforts – she needs uncluttered surfaces to clean efficiently. If she has to spend more time moving my stuff around, it’s not very cost effective for me, is it?

And another awesome thing is that I was looking around for local people who are doing what I want to do and what sort of certifications they have I found a place that is doing /exactly/ what I want to do (funny how that happens!). <link> </link> It’s a life and wellness coaching place – how perfect!?!?!? Now I need to figure out how to approach them and find out how they got started and how I can either work with them, or do the same thing. Squee! Any ideas?!

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