I’m too old for this

Ugh. So I’m happy to help my honey out, and bring a bit of extra income into the house, but this standing for 6+ hours at a bridal fair in dress shoes thing is sooo not working for me. My body is so sore again today, not as bad as last week because thankfully, this was only a 1 day fair, and we had carpet instead of just concrete, but still… ow… and ::yawn:: The Tucson fair was way more fun than the Phoenix one… much smaller percentage of ‘manufactured beauty’ and a higher percentage of “real” people/couples. I had a lot of fun talking with the folks, and in general felt a lot better about the whole industry. Not to mention it reinforced why I like Tucson more than Phoenix.

The nice thing is that he got home last night and will be home for the week. Hope we got enough leads to keep him busy for the week. 🙂

Oh! And I had someone ask how much weight I’ve lost – not the ‘have you lost weight?’ question, but the ‘I *know* you have so don’t try to say you haven’t.’ Whee!

Ok, time for more coffee. oy. will be an early night, me thinks

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