Double Meh

So this weekend I was feeling all fat and frumpy. I was surrounded by late teen, early 20 year old ‘girls’ who were too skinny, had too big of boobs and too perfect hair & skin… it was a bridal fair and at one point I had the thought that the whole industry is geared towards making you feel bad if you don’t ‘look’ the part and spend the billion dollars to have the ‘fairy tale’ wedding.

It really didn’t help when I realized that I was totally PMS-ing as well (AF showed up today… meh.) because I used it as an excuse to eat badly and have *another* rum in coke.

Then I checked in with my team and feel like I’m already miles behind everyone… :whine whine:

Yep, it’s totally a monday. It’s very, very tempting to throw in the towel, drop out of the challenge, say screw it all and not care. But I know that won’t make me happy either.

I did get up and do my yoga for the morning, and that helped my legs feel better. I need to go grocery shopping, too, but will get my list together tonight and go tomorrow, although not sure what I’m having for lunch or dinner today. Bleh… It was great to see my honey, but being gone all weekend put me off track around the house.

Pretty much today is going to be a super low key day, and I think a pampering evening – oooh, a nice bath and going to bed early. That’ll help with the mood, I’m thinking.

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