The big and lofty goals

::giggle:: on the heels of my praise of the carb-y goodness, I need to put my goals in to writing, lest I forget about them.

I tried on my wedding dress today, which is no small feat when one has the ‘assistance’ of an energetic kitten. Veruca & I weren’t happy. The dress is a size 16, and in the world of bridal dresses, that’s a real world size of at *most* a size 14. I’m currently at about a size 16-18, depending on the clothes.

In order to zip said dress, I need to lose at least 6-7 inches around my waist in the next 6 months.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but I know I can do it! It’s really easy to fall into the *It’s too much to do in a short amount of time, I can’t do it why bother?’ way of thinking. And it’s also really easy to think of ways of cheating, like if I get a corset it’ll take about 2″ off so I only need to lose 4-5″… yeah, the corset is a given because it just looks better, but I am looking at it from a bigger picture – I need to do it for me, to be healthy… *and* to look slammin’ on the big day. And I need to do it for my honey, so that he can have a sax-ahy, energetic partner who isn’t all ‘nooo, lets sit on the couch & snuggle instead of going out and doing stuff’.

My biggest concern is keeping my hypothyroidism at bay, and not triggering the fibro-like symptoms in the process. Part of that is going to be being sure I take my vitamins & supplements on a regular basis, along with eating right, another part of that is to exercise to tolerance, not fatigue, but learning how I can push myself within that tolerance range.

I’m keeping in mind, too, that I can only control my actions, not the results. So I need to do a lot of action. Be Persistent, Be Consistent.

It’s gonna be tough, but the pay offs will be great!

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