::yawn:: it’s Friday

And the garb is about 80% done… that last 20% isn’t a lot, but it’s more time consuming… I was at my friends till about 12:30 and got home around 1-ish… OMG tired, and the day’s not over yet. Problem is my body’s going “either sleep or give us fuel” and my co-worker came around with a menu to order something in… I’m channeling my inner Hobbit and having 2nd breakfast.

My plan for tonight is 1) possibly leave work early (around 3) to get a nap in, 2) straighten the house a bit for when my honey gets home tomorrow 3) go for a walk down the block again… need to get my legs used to walking on uneven terrain for next week *and* work off 2nd breakfast, 4) finish off the honey’s pants so he can wear them Sunday 5) go to the vigil 6) meet my friend for a drinky poo 7) go home and crash so I can start it over again.

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