Owch in another way…

Stoopid PTB, and their incessant flicking in my head. Read the “going through the emotions” article in the wellness section and got flicked. This part really stood out:

“You can be the hammer, making things happen, or you can be the nail that sits there and gets pummeled over and over. “

Then the community highlight email with this:
“It’s been 4 months now… and I’ve lost just over 40lbs. Still a long way to go, but for the first time I feel calm and in control of my dieting strategy. I wake up every morning and plan my meals. Yes it means I have to wake up earlier than before, but when I weigh the 2 options against themselves it goes something like this…

Option 1: Miss out on 30 minutes of sleep
Option 2: Get heckled in the street by strangers

Option 1 always wins. Always. “

I (and other people) always make things filled with shades of grey, but really, there’s just black and white: Do it or don’t. Anything in between is the grey area of excuses.

It’s all a matter of stopping the squirlly behavior, stopping the indecision, and making up my mind to do it or don’t.

Scary thing is this applies to a few things in my life right now…

Heh… It’s Hammer Time! 🙂

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