That was a surprise… stepped on the scale this morning and had to check … 3 times. It hesitated at 198.5… then settled… on 198.0! ::happy dance::

Although, *I* am hesitant to record it as my weigh in weight… I feel like I haven’t earned it or that if I do, it won’t last. But then again, I *have* earned it… I’ve been changing my eating habits, I’ve been mindful of what I fuel my body with, no I haven’t been moving much, but darn it all… I *do* deserve it. And the only thing that’s between me and the scale continuing to go down is, well, me. And at this point, NOT getting to and staying at 150, and NOT getting into that dress is NOT an option (thanks for that, Patti!)

To reward myself, I started recording the Denise Austin work out thingies on Lifetime… I lubs the TiVo… starting Tuesday, I’m gonna do my darndest to make it through those workouts!

So I get to hang out at home, enjoy my smoothie & coffee.. hmmm… maybe the next experiment is to make a coffee smoothie… and then head over to the office.

Oooh, and ::happy dance:: my honey comes home today! Granted he leaves again on Monday for 2 weeks, but yay!!! home today!

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