Well, I made it through my Friend’s wedding mostly ok. I did have 2 beers (they had the decency to have guinness available, I didn’t want to be rude! LOL!) and only had 2 bites of cake (OMG… they had the HUGE claim jumper chocolate cake for their wedding cake! That thing is so rich to begin with I couldn’t really handle more than 2 bites, so I brought the rest home for my honey.) And I got lots of exercise avoiding my ex, ironcially by spending time with the other ex. LOL!

I weighed in today at 201.5, so all thing considered not too bad – would be a 3# gain if I hadn’t been paying attention.

My honey took me to breakfast this morning to do an early celebration for my b-day since he won’t be in town for it… was sweet but annoying: he had the waitress bring out a cinnamon roll with a candle in it. *sigh* it was tasty and he had more than 1/2 of it so wasn’t too horrible of an indulgence. Then we went to Costco to sign up for the membership… as a bonus for that we got coupons for money off the salad mix stuff and a free rotisarrie chicken… guess what I had for lunch! NUM!!!

Ready to take a nap. I had to have a mini ‘physical’ done for our insurance policy (long story) and my blood pressure was 102/60. OMG no wonder I’m so tired!

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