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Decided to start re-reading Body Clutter last night and started with the chapter on excuses. Interestingly, this is as far as I got the last time I read it. Go fig… I think it stopped me because I wasn’t able to get beyond my own excuses, even though I’d done a lot of hard looking and thinking on it. But it was definitely what I needed to read last night.

In the chapter, they look at several ‘popular’ excuses – lies we tell ourselves to justify keeping ourselves where we are and not changing. There was one statement that really struck me, and it was under the excuse, “I am happy with me just the way I am”…

the statement was: “It is not a happy person who mistreats the _only_ body she has by not eating well.”

Well, how’s that for a slap of reality in the face? It really hit home, especially after I had just gotten home from a party and caught myself mindlessly snacking on chips because they were in close proximity… I even said to myself “Why am I eating these? they’re not even that great.” But yet I continued to snag a few at a time through out the evening.

Definitely something to keep in mind as I make choices through out the days, weeks, years. Is the food I’m eating worthy of the *only* body I have? I mean, yeah, I’d love to trade it in for a new one, but this is the only body I will have… and how good of care am I taking of it?

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