Yay for Friday!

Yep… I is carrying lots of *somethin* in my belly region.

Things are going a little better at home… mom has *sort of* settled down and I’ve basically resigned to the fact that I’m a total weenie… I’m thirtymumblemuble and can’t have a heart to heart with my mother. I’m having the feeling that she likes the *idea* of my honey, and me being happy and us getting married, but she doesn’t like the reality of it. ::shrug:: not sure what to do about it.

One thing that always happens about this point in their visit: I renew my goals and my determination for getting healthy and losing weight. We eat out a lot, there’s always junk around, and I don’t do much in general. the result: feeling and getting even more fluffy. 😛 no like that.

So I remind myself of what I *really* want (from back on the 13th):

Note to self and Veruca:


You really want a clutter free home


You really want to weigh 155!


You really want to be positive and full of energy!

(and a new addition) Remember!

You want to be debt free in 2-3 years!

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