Stepping out on faith

Using some FlyLady terminology, I need to step out of my own head, out of my own way, and ask for some help from the PTB to reach my goals.

Finally put a little bit of thought into my goals and what I *really* want… I REALLY want to be out of debt. I have about $20K of debt looming over me, and a lot of it’s been hanging around for a while. I did a bit of posting about it and it think it’s do-able. It’s a little generic and an overall plan, and I need to spend time thinking of how to break it down into day to day baby steps.

now I need to do that for my weight goals. Those I’m good at babystepping, and I generally know what to do, but think it’s time to make a concrete plan. I need to do this for my health, yadayaddayadda… but my inner brat wants to look hot in her pretty dress for the weddin’, ya know. 😉

So here’s my 5 babystepping goals for October:
1) Monday-Friday use the SP meal suggestion list for breakfast, lunch and snacks
2) S-Th cook dinner at home using the Body Clutter MM (basically any night I’d be going to work the next day
3) Cook dinner at home at least once on the weekend.
4) M-F track food on SP
5) Read an encouraging/inspiring email/story whatever.

I feel like I’m going back to stage 1, but maybe that’s not such a bad idea… I’m focusing on the food aspect first because it’s something I’ve already got routines semi-established, and it’s something that’s do-able right now. I’ll add exercise in where I can, but for now, this is better. 🙂

the faith part comes from letting go of the worry that I’m not going to have enough to eat. That is just silly because it’s not true. I need to come to terms with giving myself *enough*, not *more* than enough.

UPDATE: so I offically changed myself back to Stage 1. It’s not a step back, it’s actually a step forward becuse I’m re-teaching myself the habits that i need to succeed and be healthy.

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