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So we got the Mr-less Muggins home last night. Poor guy was all sorts of tired and sore. Watching him walk around with his shaved butt and swolled bits was pitiful, but highly amusing, of course. Not gonna take a picture of it to post… was tempted, but not gonna do it. πŸ˜› He took a good nap while the ‘rents & I were at dinner and seemed to perk up after that – had food & water and was fairly playful, and was extra snuggy last night. Sorta like “I sorry for whatever I did that made you punish me like that.. I not do again, k? thx bai.” Missy’s been hissing at him but I’m sure he smells funny, so she should get over it soon-ish.

Yeah… so mom & dad’s visit is going… dad’s totally enjoying the weather and taking long bike rides… mom is… well. mom. nuf said. I’m at the point in the visit, though, where I’m back on the ‘omg need to get back on healthy lifestyle track again’… lots of sweets, lots of eating out, lots of stress, lots of not doing much. Takin’ it’s toll… and I’m getting too old – starting to have acidy tummy issues from eating out too much. πŸ˜› I’m sure the tummy issues are also stemming from the stress of dealing with mom. erg. Yes. I’m a total weenie, thanks. Maybe I’ll get over it one of these days.

So, couple of plans ruminating in my brain… it’s part of the ‘discipline is remembering what you *really* want… and I *really* want 1) to weigh at least 30-40# less in the next 8 months, and 2) be debt free in the next 2-3 years…

For the first one… have some general outlines but haven’t formulated any sort of concrete plan… that will come later.

For the 2nd one, here’s my thinkin:

1) After signing all the re-fi docs and stuff, call broker to cash out one of my accounts. that’ll give me $$ to pay off one card totally, pay off my medical bill and re-pay N for the closing costs. Any extra goes in to wedding fund.

2) Keep chipping away at the one card till the ’08 taxes come in. Any refund goes to paying that one off. ’07 refund goes to paying for the wedding/honeymoon.

3) Ditto for the next couple years tax refunds – goes to paying down the cards… In theory, should be done with the debt in about 3 years. ::fingers crossed::

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