A PTB Flick in the head

I have been so frustrated lately… feeling really lumpy, like all the fat is literally *hanging* on me… ya know, in that Disney’s Ursula the Sea Witch kind of way – all roll-y & undulating… bleh. And then frustrated because I haven’t gone for my walks at lunch either because something else was going on or I chose not to. erg…

then I got this in my email from Bractfactor.com: “Discipline
is remembering what you really want! So, as you start to
step over the shoes in the hall, remember you really
want a clutter free home. As you go down the cookie isle
at the grocery store remember sugar is not good for you
and you really want to lose that weight. When you start
to complain remember you really want to be positive.”

::grumble:: fine…

Note to self and Veruca:


You really want a clutter free home


You really want to weigh 155!


You really want to be positive and full of energy!

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