I’ve gotten a couple of ‘daily meditation’ type things today and they’ve all related to change: Change is normal, change is good. Yes it can be stressful, but this too will pass, you’ll make it through, etc.

It’s interesting to get these things today. It’s a day when, 6 years ago, our little world changed. Our concept of home, of safety, of security, crashed to the ground with 3 planes and 2.5 buildings.

But today, I feel that this too has passed. Granted I don’t watch/read/listen to the news so I don’t know if it was discussed at all, but I looked at the calendar, and today is just another number in a box on the calendar. No ‘Patriot’s Day’ or whatever it was being called, no marker of a violent, turbulent time that happened. Meetings were scheduled for today with no more than a passing thought of, “oh… Sept. 11th…. ::send::” My parents are coming for a visit and there was a fleeting ‘whew, they’re not traveling on the 11th’ then I forgot about it.

We’ve made it through, and this too has passed. We had life completely disrupted, it was uncomfortable for a while, but we adapted, and got comfortable again. No, we haven’t completely forgotten, but it’s a little further back in our memories, shuffled there because we have to deal with the here and now; dealing with the petty things that make life aggravating, or the small moments that make us smile.

I had one of the latter moments this morning. N and I took some time to remember our lives in that moment in time. Remember those that were lost that day and after, those that were involved, that were touched. We also took a moment to think of those that are continuing the fight against those that oppress us and others, even though most days it’s hard to remember what they’re fighting for. We also were reminded of what truly matters and is important. It made me happy to be where I was, and grateful for the wonderful people in my life that are my friends and family, and very grateful I found a man to share my life with. When things go wrong in my life, when there’s issues that come up from other people, it’s so easy to get self absorbed and focus on that and hold onto the anger, bad feelings, whatever. I harbour my own resentments, angst, grudges, etc. In general it’s not healthy, but it’s also not important. I think it’s interesting that Rosh Hashanah begins tomorrow. No, not Jewish, but it’s a time of letting go, releasing your sins and self examination. Am I living *my* best life? Not what or how someone else thinks I should be living my life, but is it best for *me*? Over the past year, I think I’ve grown a lot in respects to that… starting to live *my* life instead of the life I think other people think I should be living, and letting go of that perception. It’s hard to let go of, but is for the greater good.

The best email I got was from FlyLady this morning, and I think it sums it up very well. It’s not about the American Patriotic verve, but more about the human spirit…

“Dear Friends,

Today is not just about the United States memorizing the people who
died in the attacks of September 11th. Everyone around the world has
been hurt by those senseless acts terrorism, other terrorist activity
and even the threat of terrorism.

I for one will not allow those bad people to change the way I live
each day. I am thankful for the men and women around the world who
keep a vigilant eye on our safety: First Responders, Fire Fighters,
Police Officers, Airport Security Screeners and the military personal
serving their countries. It is not just these people who need our
appreciation. It is all of us. Each of us walk though our lives with
air of alertness now.

We can be watchful without living in fear. The name terrorist is
synonymous with putting fear into hearts. Fear is the opposite of
love. I believe this with all my heart. Today as our own special
memorial I would like for you to spread a little love around your part
of this great big world. We like to call it Paying It Forward. If you
have not watched this movie then rent it. It has a powerful message.
If you have the movie, watch it again.

Small random acts of kindness are more powerful than evil. We can
change the world with these simple actions of love. Actions speak
louder than words. Today there will be speeches by many people in the
public eye giving thanks to the heroes of September 11th Tragedies. We
should not forget these folks but the best memorial we can give to
them is a loving action done from the goodness of our hearts. “

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