Brain shift

Today started of as One Of Those Days. ::grumble::tired ::grumble:: getting up late house a mess ::grumble:: almost late into work and hit the ground running as soon as I get in ::grumble:: desk is a mess ::grumble:: got an email saying to find joy in everything everyday whatever ::grumble:: stoopid fax not going through and person calling me to tell me it’s not going through ::grumble:: Just as I’m getting off the phone with this person, she tells me to have an outstanding fun day. ::gr.. um.. blink::

I think that was a drive by ::flick:: from the PTB. ::ow:: Fine… I gets it. Adjusting attitude to compensate.

Although, I’m having another near non-functioning brain day. Getting tired of that, actually. I’m tired, but can’t get to sleep. I have too much to do, but no energy to do so (because I’m tired but can’t get to sleep)… yeah, talk about a vicious cycle. Guess I’m just in an overwhelmed mood and I need to unwhelm myself.

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