Health Quandry/Ponderings

Have been talking with the Woogie about our various health issues – she & I have similar ones so it’s good to bounce ideas off the other. She’s getting to the point where I was a month or two ago – ready to just get off all the pills, clean out the system, and start fresh.

I have to say that I’m exceptionally surprised that I’m doing as well as I am. I’m completely off the Met, Synthroid and Wellbutrin, and am about 2 weeks away from being off the celexa – which was half the dose of the lexapro. Whee… While I’m not ready to take on the world, I’m also not curled up in a corner twitching and/or crying all the time.

I’ve been through a few health issues where it was tolerable for a while to put up with the problem, then I got some help from the doctor that didn’t quite do it, but I still put up with it… then I finally get to the point where I am now that I’m ready to do what I need to do to make myself healthy. Most times that meant stopping the ‘medical’ treatment and taking a different route – either something more natural or finally finding a medication that actually helps. Most times it’s the former.

Right now, I’m even more pleased with myself, especially with my conviction to continue on the path of detoxing my body, and also paying attention to it. I’m getting more comfy with the FAM signs. So even if my cycle is all sorts of wonky, it will be wonky in a way that I can predict and observe. I can see how women find it empowering – how can it not be when you know what’s going on inside? My only concern is that AF is gonna hit me really hard and heavy, like it was before… not looking forward to that at all. That’s one thing that’s a quandary for me. I mean, while I understand now what taking the pill and/or other hormonal forms of BC can mean to your system, and how it can mess it up. And I think that all women should learn about their cycles and at least try FAM just to understand it – if I had learned about it when I was younger, it would have at least been helpful to know that what I was going through was semi-normal. But then again, as a teenager, I wouldn’t have been comfortable with it, and with the pain involved, I would still go on the pill if I had to do it all over again.

That actually brings me to an interesting realization, and feeling all mother earthy – a woman’s cycle isn’t a bad thing in general. It’s part of how our body functions, and does serve several good purposes. It’s something that makes us ‘women’. But yet we have a big stigma of ‘that time’ and it being ‘the curse’, blah blah blah… My mom didn’t really help so much because she hated it as much as I did… and when you have severe symptoms, it’s hard to embrace and enjoy it as healthy and natural. But at least now I can respect and understand it… even if it’s not fun. 😛

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