“Beached Whale” comes to mind…

After stepping on the scale this morning, and feeling generally bloaty and huge, I’ve realized that it’s definitely time to get myself back on track with a healthier way of eating and getting moving again. My goal is to be back down to 195, or even better 190, by the end of the month, and to achieve that, I need to get myself in gear.

The supplements seem to be helping me a little, and I am feeling slightly better than before. I also took a lunch hour to plan out a menu for the month. Then I go and do things like push myself really hard over the weekend and wind up exhausted and strung out, like today. I slept pretty hard last night, but still could use a lot more sleep. And then we’re going to a movie tonight. Yay! Date night with my Honey! But there will be popcorn consumed, and probably other goodies, but I will not overdo. Tomorrow’s another day, to eat better, and I had a good lunch.

I’m kind of avoiding Sparkpeople.com right now… not for any particular reason, I’m just not quite ready to add that back into my routine, especially when I need to focus some time on the house. Ugh… getting oppressive again, and I know *I* have let my routines slip far, far away.

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