I am my alter-ego: “Cat Guuurrrrlll” My little hairsticks are making it look like anime cat ears pokin’ over my head. It amused me muchly and even provoded a ‘flick’ from the Honey… I felt very accomplished. 🙂 So yeah, today – really, really tired. Annoyed at my body – was doing great last week […]


Oh… this is too cool! Found a Beta software from and I can post now to LJ & Blogger from one program. Schweet! now if I can get it at work, we’ll be *all* set! Getting some of the particulars worked out, and it’s so way cool cuz I can edit to… whee!!!


The PTB are doing it again… lots of flicks in the head this morning… at least to my Honey. The stuff for is really coming together and with a possible/probable launch date to correspond with the release of Pirates III, could be one hell of a ride!