New baby!!!

So, the PTB decided that it was time for us to get another kitten… or rather have another kitten have us. His name is Mr. Muggins… although I’ve been calling him Mugsy, Mr. Muggles, and Mr. Woogums – annoys the Honey and probably confuses the kitten. 😉 We kinda didn’t have a choice about getting […]


So we’ve been doing the cleanse thing for a couple weeks now, and I’ve also started taking the acidopholos, but it seems like my tummy issues have been getting worse, and feeling mildly flu-like of late. Seems like around 5-ish, my tummy starts getting very bloated and uncomfortable, a couple of times I’ve had pain […]

Worry wart…

I’ve gotten 3 messages this morning from various sources – quotes, motivation, etc.- basically telling me the dangers of worry, and how it steals joy and energy from today. Obviously someone’s trying to tell me smething… but darn it all, I’m good at worrying! 😛 I got in some good practice this weekend, too. And […]


I keep thinking about the cycle of connection/spirituality/awareness that I go through. Sometimes my senses are heightened and I feel very connected to myself, the earth, people around me. Other times I close myself off and feel very alone. Was talking with the roomie last night about how frustrating it can be when we really […]