To do list for the weekend

Not sure how far I’ll get on this but here’s what I’ve got so far…


  1. check to Glenn
  2. Pay household bils
  3. reconcile household account
  4. download to quicken
  5. get $20 for miscellaneous weekly expenses


  1. Vacuum downstairs
  2. Move rug
  3. rearrange furniture(?)
  4. Spend 2 15-min sessions in craft room organizing/decluttering
  5. Spend 2 15-min sessions in storage/office decluttering/organizing
  6. Do weekly missions


  1. color hair
  2. meditation daily
  3. start copying CD’s to computer


  1. Grocery shopping
  2. Get Cat Litter
  3. Cat boxes

Yeah… think that’s a good start so far.

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